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Flawless Management is a fancy coloured diamond asset management firm.

With a focus on long-term portfolio appreciation, our model provides investors with a point of access to the domain of investing in fancy coloured diamonds. We take an active management approach to sourcing, buying, and selling assets, concentrating on portfolio diversification and liquidity.

The track record speaks volumes.

From 2005 to 2016, fancy coloured diamonds outpaced most major market indices, generating top returns worldwide.






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The record for top two highest-value coloured diamonds sold at auction in Canada. More than $500 million in capital raised for mining assets. Our team comes equipped with valuable experiences.

The fancy coloured diamond index

Use our interactive chart to compare fancy coloured diamond prices with major stock market indices and learn about fancy coloured diamonds as an asset class.

Preparation meets opportunity

Flawless Management uses a three-pronged approach to both force appreciation and generate liquidity for our clients as and when needed. As illustrated in the chart below, fancy coloured diamonds are exposed to steps in the value chain throughout their journey from manufacturing to retail, creating varying degrees of value potential at each step.

Value potential of Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Our team has built lasting relationships with wholesalers, manufacturers, dealers, brokers, retailers, and auctioneers worldwide to make this possible. These relationships provide us with specialized access to the three major industrial pillars of fancy coloured diamonds.


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