Our company

Flawless Management is an asset management firm specializing in buying and selling fancy coloured diamonds. We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We are committed to creating value for investors and growing our clients’ portfolios through active management of assets in our portfolio.

With our proprietary three-prong model, we focus on forcing appreciation, providing liquidity when needed, minimizing risk, and protecting capital. Our objective is to produce long-term appreciation of our diversified portfolio of flawless and exceptional fancy coloured diamonds.

Flawless Management is a 75% owned subsidiary of Precious Investments (OTC Pink: PNIK).

Our vision

We partner with our clients to enhance their portfolios with investments in fancy coloured diamond assets. Investing in fancy coloured diamonds requires a significant amount of due diligence on the investor’s part. Traditionally a closed domain, breaking into the coloured diamond industry and investing is rarely met with investor success. Our fund provides a way for mainstream investors to profit from fancy coloured diamonds.

Why coloured diamonds?

Fancy coloured diamond assets have outperformed most major markets over the last 18 years. Historically, these hard assets have been known to hedge against market turmoil, acting as a defensive asset class in times of economic uncertainty and political unrest. Data shows low volatility among fancy coloured diamonds prices despite periods of market turbulence. This is in part due to the industry’s ability to leverage a degree of control over demand of these hard assets.

Being natural hard assets—and the most concentrated form of wealth on the planet–fancy coloured diamonds cannot be printed, fabricated, or electronically duplicated. They are the most concentrated form of wealth on the planet, making them easily transferred, discreetly transported, and universally cherished. They are considered the most valuable natural hard assets in the world—even eclipsing precious metals. Limited and diminishing supply continues to ramp up demand in an already exclusive domain.

About fancy coloured diamonds

See what makes this asset class a key component of our clients’ portfolios.

Increasing demand

Limited and diminishing supply creating more demand

Natural hard asset

Cannot be printed, fabricated, or electronically generated


Defensive against market turmoil and political instability


Universally appreciated and cherished

Value potential

Can appreciate by up to 50 percent when turned into jewelry

Long-term price appreciation

Outperformed most major markets over an extended time period

Transportable / transferable

Most concentrated form of wealth on the planet

Concentration of value

Most valuable hard asset—even eclipsing precious metals

Explore the “undiscovered” asset class and see how it compares with major markets