A new approach through familiar channels


Flawless Management sources coloured diamonds from a proprietary network of dozens of miners, site holders, wholesalers, distributors and brokers based in all major diamond markets. Our diamond supplier network has been developed over three generations in the diamond industry and is not accessible to any industry outsider regardless of financial ability. We buy fancy coloured diamonds at or below wholesale prices, providing our investor clients the ability to generate profits equal to or better than the industry’s leading dealers. Our clients can verify our aggressive acquisition prices by comparing against RAPNET listings.


  • Ability to buy entire lots at attractive prices and parcel off only the diamonds that meet Flawless Management’s minimum investment criteria

  • Access to distressed and/or liquidation lots through the auction industry

Dealer & Broker Network

  • Network of investment diamond brokers worldwide, hunting for well priced diamonds that meet Flawless Management’s minimum investment criteria

  • Brokers travel to every gem show and major tender of new stones


  • Network of the largest dealers of polished coloured diamonds in the world (Belgium, Israel, Hong Kong, New York, and India)

  • Access that is not normally available to industry outsiders, opening the vaults of the biggest dealers

Identifying value potential

Jewelry manufacturing and retail sales can increase diamond appreciation by up to 50 percent. The greatest appreciation in diamonds occurs when taking a polished diamond to retail. This is part of the appreciation we help investors capture.


Summary of strategies

Risk is minimized by diversification strategies across gem class, colour, and holding period. Assets are fully insured and physically held in secured vaults under direct investor control.


Discover how our experience and track record helps provide investors with peace-of-mind